The Cause and Effect of Cancer

Think of the cancerous process as the “Fire Down Below”, and it’s fueled by five things:

  1. toxic body condition
  2. excessive acid body chemistry
  3. lack of digestive enzymes
  4. a weak immune system
  5. lack of oxygen at the cellular level.


Detoxify the body

And If You Have Cancer, Remember These Vowels – A, E, I, O, U.

A – ALKALINE: Create more ALKALINE and less acidic body body chemistry

E – ENZYMES: Introduce more digestive ENZYMES, especially protein digesting enzymes, into your body.

I – IMMUNE SYSTEM: Make your IMMUNE SYSTEM strong, it’s crucial!

O – OXYGEN: Make more OXYGEN available to your cells.

U – YOU: It’s up to YOU, your diet and lifestyle.


 Water – high pH ionized alkaline water – is our best friend.
It introduces more oxygen into your body, it reduces acidity and helps detoxify the body. Drinking 8 glasses of this water daily can greatly enhance your health.

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