Cancer No More - Mauris Emeka
Cancer No More by Mauris Emeka - Apollo Publishing



"I read your first book Fear Cancer No More and was captivated by the simplicity of your writing and how well you explained a process that seems so complex. "
Irma R. (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

"Dear Mauris. I like your book because it is so simple. It gets right to the point …Fear Cancer No More makes an easy reference guide and a good gift for people with cancer…"
Mary Epperson (Manson, Washington)

"Cancer’s Best Medicine is a well-researched, ably written, ‘do-it-yourself’ instructional guide to preventative ‘back to basics’ health measures."
The Midwest Book Review

"Thanks for writing this book and making the information available and easy to understand."
Nancy Hanish

"Dear Mr. Emeka. I have read Fear Cancer No More 3 times. I have told everyone about it, family, friends, and even my customers …"
Sue Huston (Seattle)

"Mr. Emeka gracefully shares the ‘back to basics’ lifestyle changes that are needed for each of us to avoid the highly feared diagnosis of cancer."
Nature’s Lessons Health News (Bainbridge Island, Washington)

"While his beloved wife of 36 years languished with pancreatic cancer, doctors stood by helpless – treating her rather than seeking to cure the disease. When she died after months of suffering , Emeka could have withdrawn from the world, but instead he went on a mission to learn everything he could about cancer, and turn his loss into a positive tool for others."
Alexis Berger, Los Angeles Sentinel

"When Mauris Emeka’s wife of 36 years was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last July, he embarked on a mission to find out as much about the illness as he could …. in his book, Emeka tries to provide people with some things they can do on their own."
The Philadelphia Tribune, October 2002

"The book has been a wonderful help to me, answering many questions and helping me see things I can do."
Virginia L.

"Fear Cancer No More is a challenge for those of us not living a healthy lifestyle, but it is also a triumphant affirmation for those of us who are. The message he stresses (throughout the book) is that removing a tumor does not remove the illness. Tumors are just symptoms of cancer, not cancer itself."
The Los Angeles Sentinel. April 2003

"…Your book makes me feel inspired and helpful and puts the sense of power into my heart. I have always felt that we should take responsibility for our own health instead of being led like sheep… I intend to tell everyone who will listen that your book is available."
Bonnie M.( Kelowna, B.C.)

"Just wanted to thank you for your book Fear Cancer No More… .you may never know how many others you have helped."
Brett H., Shawnee Mission, Kansas

"Because of you (Mr. Emeka) my life has changed in a good way and I gladly share what I have learned from your book with so many others who are in trouble with cancer…"
Ava Potts

"Thank you so much for your wonderful book, Fear Cancer No More. It’s wonderfully helpful and nicely written…"
Julie Jewell, Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute (Puerto Rico)

"Hello Cousin Mauris Lee. I really enjoyed reading both of your books. They truly are reader friendly. I appreciate what you are doing. You make me proud!"
Voynnez McIntosch (Kansas City, Kansas)

"Thank you very much for sending the book. I started reading it and can’t put it down."
Linda Walker ( Mavena, AZ)